106th Street and College Avenue Roundabout Construction

On or after September 6, the construction of a new roundabout at 106th Street and College Avenue will begin with a 60-day full closure of the intersection. Once complete, there will be new pedestrian crosswalks and a piece of patriotic art commissioned by Clay Township and Friends of Home Place.

UPDATE: 106th Street and College Avenue - Outreach Letter November 2022

The removal of the intersection at 106th Street and North College Avenue has been completed and utility relocations continue. The work on the water main and storm water collection facilities have not gone as scheduled and to complicate matters, regional supply chain shortages of cement have further delayed the schedule. The contractor has been working closely with the City of Carmel to have the intersection open to live traffic by December with the goal of Spring 2023 to get the remaining work complete. Overcoming the aforementioned delays is a day-by-day situation that will continue to be addressed. The separate 106th Street path project is well underway to be substantially complete before the close of 2022 with some restoration work and any outstanding items to take place in the Spring 2023.

I’m sure you all would like to know what the spring construction schedule will look like in this region. Unfortunately it’s still to early for me to tell you, with any certainty, what that will look like as of now.

We greatly appreciate your patience while we work to improve our city, please email me with any questions.


For up-to-date information about this specific project, read the news release(s) from the City of Carmel below: