111th Street and Spring Mill Road Roundabout

The project includes constructing a boulevard section with sidewalk or multi-use path from 106th Street to Main Street along Spring Mill Road, in conjunction with a roundabout at 111th Street. The project begins at the south approach of a proposed roundabout at 111th Street and extends north to the existing roundabout at Main Street (131st Street). No modifications will be made to the 116th Street, Dorset Boulevard and Main Street roundabouts. A multi-use path will be extended south from the proposed roundabout at 111th Street to the existing roundabout at 106th Street along the east side of Spring Mill Road. Finally, modifications to separate vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be made to Hamilton County Bridges No. 31 and 32 over Williams Creek. Construction began in Spring 2017 and is currently scheduled to continue in the Spring of 2018.

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