96th Street and Keystone Parkway Interchange

The 96th Street and Keystone interchange project began in 2017 with utilities and ancillary relocations. This project was a major upgrade to one of the heaviestly used intersections in central Indiana. This took Keystone Parkway and put a bridge over 96th street which was replaced with the standard two lane interchange double roundabout below the bridge. Multiple phases of construction and litigation between Indianapolis and Carmel made this a very intense project. Much outreach was preformed by the City of Carmel with area businesses to keep them informaed about ongoing work. In large part connectivity was maintained throughtout the entire project with limited interuption of east/west connectivity.

The project was substantially complete in December of 2019 with additional work done in 2020.

For any specific questions about this project please contact the City of Carmel Department of Engineering (317)571-2400 .

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