Richland Ave and Main Street Road Roundabout

On or after May 26, two new roundabouts will be built on Main Street at Richland Avenue and Lexington Boulevard. The roadway will be closed to through traffic during construction, but access to Carmel Christian Church and educational buildings on the south side of Main Street will be maintained from the east side of the project via
Main Street.

The majority of this work will be completed this summer before school starts. Once school begins, motorists will have a majority of the access back throughout the project limits with some scheduled interruption as the final details of the street improvement project are completed.

Alternate routes/ Detours: Keystone Pkwy., City Center Dr., Range Line road

UPDATE: A majority of the work on this project is complete. The north half of the Lexington and Main Street roundabout, as well as the new landscaped median between Richland and Lexington Blvd, have been rescheduled for Summer 2023.  At this point in the construction season the project will remain open in the current traffic configuration. In keeping this part of the road intact, connectivity on Main Street can continue without impediment through the winter months.